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Choosing the right trousers for Chelsea boots


Even though summer is on the horizon, with the unpredictable weather in the UK, packing your winter boots away is not always the smartest move.

Sometimes we need to grab a pair of boots when the weather is gloomy, despite what the weather forecast might say.

You might want to think about which pairs of boots you will wear more however, as heavier styles are more suited to the winter months, with shorter, sleeker styles more adaptable for the spring and summer.

A type of boot that is often seen in and around the Rydale offices is of course the Chelsea boot.

Many of us have pairs in different colours and materials, because despite being a boot, they can be worn all year round.

You may have thought about investing in a pair yourself, but might be unsure of what items to style them with.

Do they go with all trousers and jeans? Can I wear them with skirts and dresses? What colour should I buy the boots in?

We can answer all your questions in this one blog post!

The history of Chelsea boots

The beginning of the Chelsea boots story begins with Queen Victoria. Her shoemaker, J. Sparks-Hall, is credited with the design of ‘paddock’ boots, later edited to become Chelsea boots. The Queen wanted a pair of boots suitable for both horse riding and walking.

It wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s, however, that they entered the mainstream. In fact, a Cuban heel was added for The Beatles and the Chelsea boot in its most common form was born.

The name itself derives from the fact that so many people wore them in Chelsea and Fulham.

In later decades it was the Mods who adopted this sturdy style of boots and regularly wore them alongside sleek suits for a simplistic, yet iconic look.

Which items to wear with Chelsea boots

Once again, we want you to be able to style whatever you have in your wardrobe with your Chelsea boots, without having to go and buy a whole new outfit.

Because of the narrow, elasticated fit, skinny jeans, leggings or jodhpurs are the items you should wear the most with your new boots.

Chelsea Boots and Skinny Jeans

This style of footwear looks best tucked into the boots to show off the elasticated fittings. You don’t want too much bulk of material around your ankles as Chelsea boots suit a more streamlined look.

When it comes to tops/shirts, you have a wider selection of choice. Opt for brighter colours if your jeans/boots are darker hues or you can always stick with a classic white, printed shirt.

Keep it casual with a t-shirt or dress up for evening occasions with a flowy blouse. Try to keep your outfits in a similar colour house to your boots if they’re a vibrant colour, or stick with neutrals if you want your footwear to be the focal point.

Which material is best for you?

Think about where you’ll be wearing your Chelsea boots as well as how often. Will you wear them regularly out and about or will you only wear them on occasion?

We’re firm believers that Chelsea boots are one of the most versatile pairs of shoes you can own so once you’ve become attached to one pair, you’ll probably want another.

If you’re new to the style, we recommend buying a pair in a neutral colour, such as black, tan or brown, just so you know they will already go with most of your wardrobe.

There can be too much choice when it comes to buying a pair, so we’ve broken down the two key materials that Chelsea boots tend to be made from; suede and leather.

Make sure you think about how much time you can dedicate to looking after your boots before deciding.

Suede: With suede, the material just requires a little more looking after and trying to avoid any wet weather or puddles!

We have a classic range as well as ourpatterned choices.

What’s more, we’ve incorporated some Rydale tweed into our footwear in gorgeous shades of olive and berry to really make your footwear stand out if you want it to.

If you’re looking for more traditional colours, we also have black and navy designs if you want a pair of Chelsea boots that are more versatile.

Suede Chelsea Boots

Leather: Leather styles were more traditional but now incorporate different patterns and colours into their designs. Our Kirby Leather Chelsea Boots come in classic colours but with a fashionable twist if you wish.

We have our classic Brown pair but also have added a patterned panel onto the back for all your risk-takers, like ourBlack and Silver pair. These are a great alternative to high heels on a casual night out, as the metallic shade really dresses an outfit up.

Colours that complement your Chelsea boots

The hardest part of shopping for new boots can be what colour to choose. You’ve then got to think about what you have in your wardrobe that will match with them, or whether you have to go out and splash your cash on an entire new outfit.

You may prefer to stick to neutral colours, or maybe you love a splash of colour. Picking the perfect colour for your boots means you’ll get the most wear out of them.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the shades that our boots come in, and have given you a few tips of which colours complement them best.

Black: The most versatile colour of them all. We love adding a splash of colour with black, so this means opting for bright jeans or keeping your bottom half neutral to let your top shine.

Black and pink are such a great colour combination. Our Portia Skinny Jeans in Rose will look perfect tucked into ourBlack Kirby Suede Chelsea Boots.

Tan: Another colour that goes with such a range of other shades. Tan and classic denim are a go-to for summer, whether it’s a light wash or a dark wash like our Navy DenimSkinny Jeans.

A crisp, white shirt with tan footwear is a spring and summer staple, and you earn extra points if you can find a shirt that has tan-coloured pattern print, like our Wistow Printed Shirt in Pheasant White.

Brown: Brown can be one of those difficult colours to wear, so we suggest sticking in the brown/beige family. OurLadies Jodhpurs come in both shades, so you’ll have plenty of options with those.

Animal Print Brown Chelsea Boot

Go country chic and add on a tweed jacket or agilet on those days when there’s a little chill in the air.

Navy: We’ve added a new patterned style to our suedeChelsea boots in Navy with a pink paisley pattern detail.

For this to stand out, opt for a dark coloured outfit, such as navy skinny jeans and a matching,small-printed shirt; an outfit perfect for those day-to-day errands. Add pink accessories, such as lipstick and nails, to complement this look.

Olive: Olive is a colour that comes back into fashion every springtime. OurOlive Tweed Chelsea Boots are a modern take on incorporating tweed into your look.

Keep the rest of the look neutral, with lots of white, black, grey and beige. You could even try matching the tweed on your boots to your jacket.

Berry: Another trend that appears annually are berry-coloured shades. By mixing it with beige colours, it makes the berry stand out more.

Our boots are a great item if you want to try adding more colour to your wardrobe but don’t want anything too bright.

Again, these boots need to stand out so keep the rest of your outfit neutral, by mixing beige and brown tones. Try not to clash patterns, however, so you can let the tweed take centre stage.

Stylish Modern Chelsea Boots

As you can see, Chelsea boots are not as hard to style as you may have thought! Keeping the look streamline with slim-fitting trousers and jeans gives a slimming effect too.

Choosing darker, neutral boots means you have more colour options with the rest of your outfit.

Buying a colourful pair means you might need to tone down your look to really make the colour of the boots pop.

Whichever shade you choose, you can be sure that you’ve got a pair of boots that can carry you through all seasons.

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