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The History of Riding Boot Fashion: Inspiration for our NEW boots


The history of riding boots and how they have developed over time

The history of the riding boot dates back to around the 1200’s (which is mad to think!) in the form of what look like riding boots painted in a cave in Spain.

1600 Riding Boots 

The 1600’s saw a period of time where riding boots really took off, with a high demand for military applications this style of boot became wide spread. With a polished leather finish, a high top to protect the leg whilst riding and trimmed with eye-catching tassels; our new Harewood, Feversham and Bramham boots are inspired by true heritage.

Fox hunting

As time went on fox hunting became a popular sport, and again, the traditional riding boot was the perfect footwear. This era saw a few tweaks to the riding boot, they became softer and had a slimmer style fit, with the ability for the top to be folded down under the knee. As time progressed, the riding boot became more and more popular, not only for specific activities but across the entire equestrian spectrum.

Did you know the famous ‘wellington boot’ emerged from the design of the riding boot? 

Yes that’s right, the Duke of Wellington was inspired by the design of the riding boot. The Wellington boot also started out as a leather boot and it wasn’t until 1852, when they discovered rubber that the recognisable rubber wellington was born.

So what has changed about the riding boot over time?

On the whole riding boots remain true to their original concept and haven’t changed all that much, the fundamentals remain the same all these years down the line. After all, why change something that does the job so well?

With developments in technology, the few features which have evolved are the development of softer and suppler leathers, elasticated backs to maximise comfort and many feature zips to aid in getting them on and off. Traditionally boots would be fastened with laces and are still used within sectors such as eventing, so riding boots really haven’t changed that much at all!

Over time, the heels of riding boots have become a little less high, but still have that practical element of not letting the foot slip through the stirrup.

It is a fact that the riding boot has played a huge part in history and continues to be popular today. The Riding boot today has moved on from being a purely functional and practical item, to being a stylish and timeless fashion piece. The boot has kept the majority of its practical elements, but people’s perceptions of this famous boot have changed. It is seen down catwalks all over the world, with horse riders and fashion icons wearing these boots.

Introducing our new Spanish style riding boots

Here at Rydale, we have just launched our new range of boots, inspired by the iconic riding boots. We have stuck with many traditional features to give these boots a timeless quality. Our journey began with the design of our 2014 Middleham and Westbury boots, which take on a more relaxed fit style. As time has moved on our customers have been asking for a slimmer fitting version, which are more in line with a dressage style boot. After listening to feedback, we developed the Middleham in our NEW Harewood, Bramham & Feversham.

Harewood Boots 

The Harewood Boot: 

These boots are crafted from the finest soft suede leather, with a decorative arch detail and suede tassel; making them a luxurious essential to any ladies boot collection. Dressed up or down, our Harewood boots are suited to all country ladies and are a firm favourite to suit any occasion.

Feversham Boots

The Feversham Boot:

Look the part with our Rydale Feversham Leather Heeled Boot; our more ‘dressy’ tall fit boot, taking you from day to night in a flash. With a 4cm block heel and slim fit style; it doesn’t get more flattering than the Feversham boot. If you want to turn heads, these are the boots for you. Available in a leather or suede style, the choice is yours!

Bramham Country Boots

The Bramham Boot:

The Bramham boot are our more practical, country boot with a sturdy tread for grip and durability. And also available in a suede version. 

The Bramham boot features an elasticated stretch panel to achieve the perfect tailored fit. Featuring a full length zip to allow you to put on and remove these boots with ease. By integrating a stylish tassel into the design of the boot, you can be sure to stay on the cutting edge of country style and fashion.

What to wear with our leather riding boots

A few years ago, the only appropriate attire to wear with these boots would be your usual breeks or jodhpurs; however, that is not the case nowadays.

A great go-to outfit with these boots are combining your favourite skinny jeans with a casual jumper, but by adding these boots to your look they will instantly transform your outfit from very casual, to smart casual and bang on trend. 

Another great look is wearing your boots with an above the knee dress. The boots instantly bring class and style to your outfit. For the complete look, why not add a country bag to the mix? This complete outfit is great look for heading out of summer, also looking great with a pair of tights and a wax jacket for when autumn sets in.  

Rydale Blazer and Wistow Shirt

For the ultimate smart look, team with a Rydale blazer and Wistow shirt for that killer look, great for a formal event such a board meeting. If you look the part, then you will automatically feel more confident on the inside and in turn that comes across as more confident on the outside… It’s a fact! Trust us.

How to keep your boots clean and protected

It couldn’t be more simple, with hundreds of products on the market, you can keep your boots looking as good as the day you bought them. Whether you went for the suede or leather option, both are easy to care for. The key to keeping them look great is to protect them before you go out in them. I know you’ll be itching to wear them, but once you have tried them on and made sure you are happy with them, take the time to protect them. Use a spray for suede, giving them an even coating, taking extra care with the toe and ankle area, as this will have the most wear and tear. For leather, use a good quality cream and sponge. Coat an even layer on the boots and leave to dry in a cool and dry area. Both suede and leather protectors will take a couple of hours or ideally leave them over night to fully set and work their magic.

As time goes on you will have to repeat this process to keep them looking their best.

Also to keep them looking their best try to avoid the wet and muddy weather, especially with suede. This will only make the boots look older and tired. It’s not rocket science!

We hope you love your boots as much as we enjoyed the whole design process, from start to finish we have tried to create three varieties of boots that will hit the mark for all women’s styles. Enjoy! Hopefully, you have got a better idea as to the history of spanish riding boots fashion.

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