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Farming Coats & Farmers Jackets For Men

Men's Farming Work Jackets & Coats

Pick from our range of men's farmer jackets selected specifically for working on the land. We’ve got you covered in all seasons with our durable yet stylish fleeces and waterproof jackets. The men’s farmers' coat is designed to keep you comfortable and warm through the winter yet retain their breathable, cool qualities through the milder months.

No matter the temperature, our fleeces are sure to protect you from strong winds and our men's farmer jackets are perfect for the demands of active outdoor pursuits. Layering is one of the most important factors when it comes to working outdoors. Even during the summer months, working on the farm in the early morning can be chilly.

Fleece jackets: During warmer months, a fleece jacket as an outer layer may be sufficient enough for outdoors work. A checked shirt underneath will also keep you warm and able to move freely. Our styles come with multiple pockets, enough for your to store essentials whilst on the farm. To give them a more luxurious feeling, our fleeces are lined with a leather piping so you can wear them for occasions other than just farm work.

Darker colours work best for the outdoors so explore our shades of grey, navy, brown and even burgundy for a colour to suit you. add your fleece jacket as an underlayer for extra warmth under coats and jackets. It should help you to stay warm without the extra bulk.

Hiking jackets: Working outdoors means there is a massive need for a waterproof jacket. Shorter styles, such as hiking jackets, work well for farm work because they make you feel less restricted than a longer style of coat does.

A hooded style is perfect for farm work, meaning you can continue to work when it’s drizzling outside. Our hiking jackets are practical for everyday wear and comfortable enough so you can move around in them.

Again, you can opt for colour here but you can also stick to darker shades that don’t show up dirt as much. Remember to keep good care of your waterproof jacket by cleaning and reproofing on a regular basis, especially if you’re wearing it multiple times a day or for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for a more specialist waterproof option for when the heavens open, look no further than our Egton jacket. This lightweight jacket is perfect for wading through those disruptive downpours.

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