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Women's Country Socks - Knitted & Knee High Socks

Ladies Country Socks

Our range of ladies’ socks is perfect for all occasions. From thick, knitted country socks and women's knee-high boot socks to cushion soled argyle socks - ideal for riding. We also have regular, patterned ankle socks for every-day wear, we really do have a style for any occasion and footwear.

All our styles are made with the highest-quality materials and designed to keep your feet warm and dry with everyday wear.

You might not put much thought into your current sock collection, but different footwear requires different socks! We’ve rounded up our favourite styles and we’ll share which footwear you should be wearing them with.

Boot socks – The main idea here is to keep your feet as warm and toasty as possible without suffering from sweaty feet. Boot socks have a reputation for being too thick and uncomfortable but with modern materials, they no longer look drab or feel like your feet are being choked! You can now go crazy for colour, with bold stripes and polka dots featuring in our collection. Our soft wool blend is like a knitted jumper for your feet!

Ankle socks – Ankle socks are the most popular socks on the market because there is such a range of choice out there. These are your everyday socks worn all year round; however, don’t think you have to stick with boring black and grey shades. Again, this is the area you can show off your personality with bright colours and crazy patterns if you want to! Keeping in with our country feel, our choice of ankle socks ranges from stripes to spots, from dog prints to rabbit prints. All our styles have been given our signature Rydale feel.

Knee-high socks – When it comes to the colder months, wrapping up warm is the key component to winter dressing. This should extend to your socks too! Even if you’re not wearing knee-high boots, this style is perfect as an extra layer in freezing weather. Stick on a pair underneath straight-leg jeans to keep you extra toasty and warm! A pair of knee-high socks will also look great over a pair of leggings and under knee-high boots for more casual days.

We’re also firm believers that socks do make great gifts. You can show how well you know someone by selecting a pair in their favourite colours or with their favourite country animals printed on them. No longer are socks considered a last-minute, rubbish gift.

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